Wrestling over the Voice

July 19, 2023 6:46 pm in by

The Indigenous Voice To Parliament referendum has seen Anthony Albanese engage in a hot-blooded exchange with a host on Sydney talk radio this morning (Wednesday).

Support for the yes vote is under pressure and the Prime Minister’s lashed out at the tactics of the no campaign.

Warren Mundine’s appeared on Launceston radio to fire back at the yes campaign for lacking clarity.

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“Explain how this is going to be a magic wand to fix everything, they have refused to give details and so people are saying well if you are not going to tell us what it is and how it is going to work we are not going to vote for it.”

The Indigenous leader was in Hobart last week promoting the no campaign.

“People want a practical outcome for Aboriginal people to make their lives better and this idea that a committee is going to do that and not give us detail about how it’s going to do it is just not resonating with the Australian public.”