Gal Gadot’s Daughter on Her Mum as Evil Queen: ‘Oh, How Appropriate’

August 10, 2023 11:09 am in by
Getty Images: Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images / IMDB

Gal Gadot, renowned for her iconic portrayal of the super-heroine Wonder Woman, is taking on a new and unexpected role: the Evil Queen in the upcoming live-action Snow White film.

While Gadot’s name is often associated with valiant characters, it seems her daughters had quite a reaction to their mother’s unexpected casting.

As Gadot revealed in a recent chat with PEOPLE, her daughters – Alma, Maya, and Daniella – were ecstatic about the news. When Gadot announced she would be filming for the Snow White project, her middle daughter Maya was initially convinced that her mother would be playing the princess herself.

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Alma, her oldest, had a particularly cheeky comment up her sleeve. Upon learning that Gadot was playing the Evil Queen, Alma cheekily remarked, “Oh, how appropriate.”

The cinematic tale, slated for a March 21, 2024 Australian release, also stars Rachel Zegler, impressing audiences as the beloved princess. Gadot’s intentions for the role are clear; she wants to ensure her character isn’t simply a two-dimensional villain.

She’s keen on showcasing layers to the Evil Queen, ensuring that audiences can relate to and understand her motives. This sentiment was echoed in her statements regarding Zegler’s character: “I wanted to make sure that we keep her delightful and delicious, and we understand what makes her tick. Then the evilness is interesting, and not just flat.”

In a previous chat with Vogue Hong Kong, Gadot shared her enthusiasm for the role. “There was something so delicious with this part because it’s a fairy tale. It’s the first Disney villain,” she said, highlighting the distinct pleasure of diving deep into such a role in a musical setting.

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Perhaps the most compelling takeaway from Gadot’s insights is the complex relationship between the Queen and Snow White. “For me, it was making sure the Queen is not just evil for the sake of being evil. Between the two characters, it’s like a mother-daughter relationship in a weird way,” she explained.

With these revelations, fans and film enthusiasts alike are undoubtedly eager to see how Gadot will bring depth, complexity, and perhaps an unexpected maternal touch to one of Disney’s most iconic villains.


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