Men Proudly Confess Their Loyalty to the ‘Yellow Pillow’

October 23, 2023 11:27 am in by
Image: Twitter @largemotorcycle

There are secrets that remain buried for years, concealed in the deep crevices of our daily lives. However, every once in a while, a brave soul emerges, shattering the status quo and prompting a wave of revelations. This time, it’s all about the ‘yellow pillows,’ and the internet is going nuts with confessions from men who proudly own them.

It all began when Cam, a courageous individual who goes by the Twitter handle @largemotorcycle, posted a picture of his beloved ‘yellow pillow.’ Little did he know that his revelation would open the floodgates to a shocking confession.

“GF is mad at me because I have revealed to her The Yellow Pillow,” he declared, invoking the camaraderie of all the ‘yellow pillow’ owners out there. “Fellas, I’m sure you all know that this thing is magic,” he added. Little did he know that his seemingly innocent tweet would send shockwaves through the internet.

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The response was staggering. Blokes from all corners of the internet came forward to stand in solidarity with their sweat-stained brethren.

One user even claims “Best sleep ever using this sweat soaked abomination.” Another confessed, “It’s your first pillow. It’s your first girlfriend. It’s your friend. It’ll be with you long after everyone else has died.” A third enthusiast chimed in, “My life has been a downward spiral since I threw away mine when I was like 23.”

These brave users posted pictures of their beloved yellowing pillows.

So, what turns a pristine, white pillow into a ‘yellow pillow’? According to experts, it’s all about sweating during your slumber. The sweat penetrates the pillowcase and gradually transforms your once pristine pillow into a yellowish haven.

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For some, a yellowing pillow will be a part of their lives for ever. For others, there is a solution. Apart from regular detergent, you can add 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/2 cup of borax when washing your pillows. Following the care instructions for your pillow should do the rest.

However, if you’re a fan of the yellow hue, just remember to keep it away from your significant other. While some may find it oddly comforting, the majority of us find it well a little…gross.


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