How to Cover Your Entire Body in Tim Tam

November 3, 2022 5:04 pm in by
Image - Arnotts

Not much smells better than the chocolate coating on a Tim Tam, enhanced only by dipping it into your favourite beverage. Well, now you can enjoy that delightful stench, without the extra calorie. That is, until you get a craving cause all you can smell is Tim Tams.

The Tim Tam online store via has a brand-new addition of a Tim Tam Body Lotion, enhancing the scent-sational product lineup.

Yes, now you can lather yourself in Tim Tams without the kink, or not, you be you.

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The full Tim Tam scented range includes:

Tim Tam Perfume (50ml) – $99.00 (Newly reformulated into a 50ml EDP, was previously 30ml). Forget Chanel, impress your date with a scent they are actually attracted to.

Tim Tam Candle – $39.00, Don’t sniff too close or all you’ll smell is burnt nasal hair.

Tim Tam Diffuser – $39.00 – Nothing says “I’m at one with nature and wellbeing” than a chocolate-coated smell fest.

Tim Tam Body Lotion (250g – new product) – $39.00 – I think we’ve covered this, and you will too.

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Tim Tam Bundle – $149.00  (Includes Candle, Perfume and Body Lotion) Just like Tim Tams you can never stop at one.

Rebecca Chan, Tim Tam Marketing Lead said, “We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from Tim Tam fans when it comes to the release of our unique items. Earlier this year, we saw the Tim Tam Perfume, Candle and Diffuser sell out incredibly quickly and since then, we have received a high volume of requests to bring these favourites back! We know that Aussies will be excited to have the opportunity to purchase these indulgent products for themselves or loved ones, including my favourite new addition – the delectable Tim Tam Body Lotion. Get in quick to ensure you don’t miss out!”

Tim Tam Slam Instructions

The true Aussie way to smash a Tim Tam is with the Tim Tam Slam method, a ritual invented by an Arnott’s employee in 1983.

  1. Make yourself a warm beverage
  2. Take a small bite out of the bottom and top corner of your Tim Tam biscuit
  3. Slightly immerse the bottom of your Tim Tam biscuit in your beverage and take a sip
  4. Allow the liquid from your beverage to make it through your Tim Tam biscuit like a straw, before slamming and enjoying its melted and chocolatey goodness in your mouth!
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Make sure you use the actual biscuits for this though, the candle might smell great but is not for consumption.

Interesting fact, over 670 Million Tim Tams are made every year in Australia. How many are just for your household?