The rise of Independents and the Greens

March 24, 2024 9:30 am in by

While the Liberals are to win the most seats at around 15 in Tasmania’s election, it’s not going to be a majority of 18 and will require working with elected MPs from outside the party.

A swing away from the Liberals appears to have played in favour of the Jacqui Lambie Network which is likely to win two to three seats.

Jeremy Rockliff acknowledging co-operation will be needed.

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“It is incumbent upon the new parliament to work together, to put aside our differences.”

A switch by former Senator Eric Abetz to state politics has proven successful as he gets across the line for the Liberals in Franklin.

Labor leader Rebecca White refused to concede defeat, as the final count of votes is still a long way out.

“Humble people don’t speak of a coalition of chaos whenever they don’t get their way or claim a victory when the results aren’t clear.”

Labor’s to pick up 10, of the independents Kristie Johnston returns in Clark and former Labor MP David O’Byrne’s polled strongly.

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The Greens have enjoyed a resurgence with potentially five or six seats going their way, including Cecily Rosol winning in Bass.

Greens leader Rosalie Woodruff using her end of night speech to drive home opposition to building a new AFL stadium in Hobart.

“They don’t need a billion dollar stadium when we have a perfectly good one at York Park, and that’s where the heart of AFL football should remain permanently.”

Lyons and Bass MPs John Tucker and Lara Alexander who left the Liberals to become independents, have not been returned to the parliament.