Pedder pleas with warning for Huonville

September 20, 2022 8:07 pm in by


Former Greens Leader Christine Milne is pushing for the restoration of Tasmania’s long-lost Lake Pedder.

It was submerged by the damming of the Gordon River in 1972.

Ms Milne, who now leads the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee, has told Tasmania Talks if a nearby fault line causes the ageing Edgar and Scotts Peaks Dams to give way, Huonville would be flooded.

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“That’s something that a lot of people in Huonville have no idea about,” she said. 

“I met with the Hydro recently, they said, look, if liquefaction occurred with the Edgar Dam, they wouldn’t have enough time with the water rushing out of the impoundment, to evacuate Huonville.” 

The Tasmanian Government has indicated it’s in favour of maintaining the storage as is. 

Hydro Tasmania will spend $21 million on strengthening the Edgar Dam next year, but Ms Milne argues overruns and associated costs will push the actual price well past that.