Mobile speed cams go live

September 30, 2022 8:28 pm in by

speed limit sign

Drivers are being warned that mobile speed camera trailers are now out of their trial phase and fines will start issuing as of Friday. 

Testing at locations around the state included a unit seen on the Channel Highway at Kingston lately.

Transport Minister Michael Ferguson says leadfoots risk fines of up to $1041 and half-a-dozen demerit points, and the cameras can detect drivers across multiple lanes travelling towards or away from the device.

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“We remain serious about road safety and now that we have deployed these mobile speed cameras we won’t be stopping here. Next year we’ll be trialling new technology including mobile phone, seatbelt, and average speed enforcement,” he said. 

“The Tasmanian Liberal Government is investing $9.3 million over three years into this vital technology, in addition to our ongoing investment in road safety to save Tasmanian lives.”

It’s part of the government’s response to Tasmania’s shocking road toll, which at 42 has soared around 70 per cent on the number at this time last year.