Kangaroo Bay closer to buyback

December 20, 2022 5:29 pm in by


There’s been a major setback for a controversial development on Hobart’s eastern shore.

Clarence City Council has knocked back yet another extension request from Chambroad for its hotel development, also rejecting the hotel itself at Monday’s meeting.

Councillors weren’t satisfied they’d been given enough time to consider the Chinese company’s latest proposal, which had also had zero public consultation.

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“This is the jewel in our crown, any change of design needs to go through a proper consultation process, with feedback considered and the design refined. Only then can council be satisfied that the
project reflects who we are as a city, and what we aspire to be,” Mayor Brendan Blomeley said.

“I am proud of my fellow Councillors around the table who stood up and made the hard decision to not consent to the extension request and not accept the Modified Development proposal as it currently stands.”

Chambroad released its first concept art of the development on Monday afternoon (pictured). 

A vote on Kangaroo Bay’s potential return to public ownership is due in April.

In response to a request for comment, Chambroad issued the following statement.

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“Chambroad Australia remains committed to the new Kangaroo Bay Project,” it said. 

“Following last night’s Council meeting, Chambroad has committed to commence a comprehensive consultation program about the proposed new hotel design and development at Kangaroo Bay.

“From today, Chambroad will engage with a range of stakeholders, including:

  • The broader community of the Clarence municipality
  • Existing business operators in the Bellerive Village precinct
  • Immediate local residents

“Chambroad will undertake the community consultation via a range of methods and platforms to encourage a broad range of inputs from the Clarence community.”

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