Fuel fluctuations

July 5, 2022 11:42 pm in by

Some wide gaps between petrol prices remain evident in Tasmania

The average price for 91 unleaded across Tasmania is 222.8 per litre and there are big variations either side.

Cheapest fuel in the state is found at two unmanned outlets at Cambridge near Hobart Airport at just under $2.10 per litre.

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There’s a fair selection in Hobart offering around $2.15, while some retail outlets are as high as 229.9.

Spare a thought for King Island where unleaded is $2.61 at Currie. It is also as high as 240.9 in Launceston, much more than other outlets in the city.

Next time you bemoan filling up, perhaps pause to think about the UK, where some places are more than £2 a litre or $3.52 in Australian currency.