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Every weekday morning at 7.45am, Jules gives you the chance to win big with Nail That Noise!

Jules will play the noise and then give you the chance to guess what it is to win cash!

Check out the wrong answers below and make sure you don't waste your guess.

Nail That Noise thanks to Motors Launceston, The all-new Tucson is in stock now, ready for immediate delivery.

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Well done to Fiona from Kings Meadows!

She correctly identified the previous noise as turning on/off a portable speaker and picked up $5,730!

Nail That Noise is back tomorrow and is worth $950.

Below are the wrong guesses so far:


- flicking a ruler onto a bench

- someone spraying a water bottle

- a plastic ruler slapping on the counter

- an egg whisk out of the drawer that you are tapping on the bench

- pushing a steam button on an iron

- using a stapler

- a toaster popping up

- plugging a charger into a mobile phone

- a mouse-trap going off

- opening or closing a flick-out car ignition key on your keyring

- ripping off a wax strip

- flicking a clip on a folder - one of those clip-top folders

- doing the clip up on the top of a Tupperware container to hold the lid on

- slapping a metal ruler against a desk

- clipping the clip on a clipboard

- flicking a ruler on a table

- an Air Wick air freshener dispenser

- snapping a pair of metal tongs

- flicking a cigarette lighter on

- the wire part flicking back down on a clipboard holder

- opening or closing a venetian blind

- someone with asthma using a puffer spray

- a squeezy drink bottle - the lid getting opened

- a car's wipers on an icy windscreen

- pulling the ring-pull on a can

- turning a light switch on or off

- dropping a chain into your hand - like a dog chain or a chain

- a binding folder

- a trigger on the handle of a mop that sprays detergent on the floor

- the magnetic clip on your phone cover

- tapping a whisk on the side of a bowl or on the bench

- an air freshener shooting

- a screw top soft drink bottle - when you open it

- hitting a plastic ruler on the desk

- automatic coffee machine when it steams

- a plastic recyclable shopping bag - straightening it out to fold it up to put it away to re-use

- clipping the lid back on your highlighter pen

- someone having a quick squirt of a deodorant can

- somebody slapping a magnet onto a fridge

- a mouse trap

- releasing the spring metal dog clip on the end of the lead

- someone pulling on a ring-pull on the top of a can of Coke

- squirting an aerosol can

shutting a pair of barbeque tongs

- a cat sneezing

- pushing the switch down on an electric kettle

- clicking your fingers

- that little sound that a zip-lock bag makes when you crack it open

- when you are ironing and steam comes out the bottom of the iron






















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