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Pet of the Week

7SD features a different pet each week available for adoption from the RSPCA Launceston. If you are interested in our Pet of the Week, please contact the RSPCA Launceston on 6332 8200 or call into 20 Cavalry Road (off Remount Rd) Mowbray.

Meet Missy!

Missy was adopted from us around 3 years ago, she came to us as a wild 10 week old kitten and she was hard work but we got through to her in the end! She slowly learnt what affection was and how to purr, it was lovely to see her little personality grow and grow! She sat in our adoption area for ages but finally a lovely couple took her on, unfortunately they have recently moved and Missy had to come back to look for a new home. She is still timid but she has grown into the beautiful young lady that we knew she would be, she may give you a little hiss as you enter her pen but that is just to let you know to take it slow! Give her your hand to sniff and from then she loves a pat, starts to dribble and gets very comfortable in your company. Missy would love a quiet home, you may notice some sparse fur on her legs and back end, she had been stress grooming in her previous home so we think she may have known her life was about to change, it is growing back lovely now so she is obviously settling in. This cat means the world to us, in particular Bec, who originally fostered her as a kitten! So please, if you can offer her what she needs, get in touch or come and meet her :)