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Pet of the Week

7SD features a different pet each week available for adoption from the RSPCA Launceston. If you are interested in our Pet of the Week, please contact the RSPCA Launceston on 6332 8200 or call into 20 Cavalry Road (off Remount Rd) Mowbray.

Meet Piper!

Say Hello to Piper. At 6 years old, Piper is having to find a new home. Her previous owner no longer wants her. This girl is a young 6, no one has told her she is a senior dog now, so she still behaves like a pup. Piper has been a little anxious since her arrival, and after so long in the same home with the same owner who can blame her. She will need a home with good fences and lots of company, as if she feels lonely she is quite happy to go adventuring by herself to look for someone to love. Piper would like a home where she can cuddle up on the couch with her humans, and spend lots of time with them. Piper doesn't mind other dogs but as she has been there and done that she is not too tolerant of being jumped all over, so a meet and greet is essential if there is already a dog at home. Piper would fit easily into the right family and will bond closely with her people. No one loves like a staffy loves and Piper deserves to be loved just as much. GREEN on our find a friend system.