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Discover Derby


The area had been surveyed in 1855, but was not settled until 1874, when George Renison Bell discovered tin in the area. The Krushka brothers discovered a large lode of tin, and set up a mine (named The Brothers Mine) in the area, assuring the town's economic future. The town was originally known as Brother's Home until renamed Derby (believed to be after Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom). Brother's Home Post Office opened on 1 August 1882 and was renamed Derby in 1885. For More Information on Derby CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

Mountain Biking in Derby

In 2015 a network of Mountain Bike trails (MTB) opened in the wooded hills surrounding Derby. The trails are called Blue Derby and stretch out to the Blue Tier area. Mountain bike tourism has transformed the town and mountain bike and trail running events have been held, with many guided tours also available.