Australia’s Worst Car Crash Hotspots Revealed

September 14, 2023 3:18 pm in by

Australian insurer AAMI has revealed their yearly reports about where Australia’s car crash hotspots are and we’re sorry Melbourne, but you’ve topped the list for the sixth consecutive year.

The report is based on the 350,000 insurance claims made from July 2023 to June 2023.

According to the report, Plenty Road in Bundoora, which is located in Melbourne’s northeast has been named Australia’s worst car crash hotspot for a whopping sixth consecutive year.

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While the other states didn’t top the list, some roads have taken out the top stop for consecutive years with one of the repeat winners being Sydney’s Hume Highway out in the Western Suburbs, which has been Sydney’s hotspot for the last six years.

In Brisbane we have a 2-time winner, Chermside’s Gympie Road and Perth’s Albany Highway in Cannington have also been given the top sport for the second consecutive time.

There has been new winners in Adelaide, Canberra, the NT and Hobart.

West Terrace in Adelaide’s west took out Adelaide’s top spot, Monaro Highway in Hume was Canberra’s worst while Argyle Street and the Stuart Highway were Hobart’s and the Northern Territory’s worst roads.

Tammy Hall, AAMI motor customer engagement head has warned drivers that they should always pay attention to their surroundings and to keep a safe distance between other vehicles.

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“Bumper to bumper collisions often happen during peak hour traffic when the roads are busy, patience is wearing thin, drivers are tired from the day, and are in a rush to get to their destination,” Ms Hall said.

“This is when accidents most commonly occur.”

Fridays seem to be when the most accidents occur nationally and the afternoon is the worst time for crashes.


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