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Meet The Waterboys

brent costello

Brent Costello

Brent was once kicked out of his Grade 12 Drama class because he was wearing Happy Pants. As a child he had dreams of playing basketball for Australia and still harbours a dream to grow a mullet. He has recently married his beautiful wife Allison and guests at the wedding were heard to remark that they have never seen so many tears from a groom. Brent divides his time between working for WIN news and the Waterboys show and has earned tremendous trust from sporting identities locally, nationally and internationally. He is a respected authority on everything sporting, except backyard cricket where he is often found severely lacking. He has two sons and knows Colin McNiff personally.


cam brown

Cameron Brown

One of the South Launceston Bulldogs favourite sons. Cam has an unnatural attraction to Belinda Carlisle and the Western Bulldogs football player Daniel Giansiracusa. He has an uncanny knowledge of all things sport and musical hits from the 1980s. He has a velvet voice that is suited to radio and a physique that is suited to marathons. A former Bulldogs goal kicking legend Cameron is also a school principal at St. Thereses' Catholic School. When Cam isn't providing hard hitting and thoughtful insights for The Waterboys he can be found avoiding doing the gardening and more often than not taking long walks on the beach at sunset. He is the father of two children and places no pressure on either of them to represent Australia in their chosen sport or win a Brownlow Medal (preferably for his beloved Western Bulldogs). Cameron can recite Eddie Murphy's Coming To America word for word and his ideal woman is Eddie Vedder.