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The power of reputation has never been stronger, but in 2018 we’ve seen plenty of PR blunders and poorly handled issues. From Barnaby to banking, we were never short of examples of companies, government agencies and individuals who got it badly wrong and paid a heavy price in the currency of public perception. Who can forget “Floptus” - when the Optus streaming of the soccer World Cup failed - and the crowning glory of the Australian Cricket team’s sandpaper scandal? There was also a rich field overseas, including the Facebook data fiasco and British PM Theresa May’s communications strategy for Brexit, labelled by one commentator as having “all the integrity of a slowly collapsing soufflé”. Plenty can be learned from these mishaps, but will the collective track record be any better in 2019?

Dr Neryl East - International Speaker, Expert on Media, Credibility & Reputation joined me on The Drive Home to discuss this topic.