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Smartphone use actually teaches our brains to become bored more easily by eroding our ability to focus, driving a vicious circle in which constant stimulation reduces our ability to entertain ourselves which in turn pushes us to seek out yet more intense stimulation and so on.

Many studies are now showing that out constant use of smart phones, often while involved in some other activity, such as watching TV is reducing our ability to concentrate

With one study showing that our constant use of smart phones has reduced our attention span from 12 minutes to 5 minutes.

Smart phones often create the illusion of us ‘being busy’. Where once before people were happy to sit on the train or bus and read a book or gaze out the window daydreaming – which is actually very good for your creativity - now so many people fill their time scrolling through their phones.

And numerous private and public schools are now banning mobile phones for students during class time to combat student stress and increase student participation and interaction.

Speaker, Life Strategist and Author Sally Thibault joined me on The Drive to discuss this topic.