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New beginning for summer

Travel into Tasmania from regional New South Wales is to start from next Friday under a quarantine at home trial.

Conditions will include arrivals having to be fully covid vaccinated, test negative before travel and the property to have a sign on the door about its quarantine status.

Tasmania's Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch is at ease with the risk profile of the scheme.

"The majority of people who have come to Tasmania in recent months have actually been managed through home quarantine coming from relatively low risk circumstances, but circumstances where we did want to have a quarantine process in place to manage the risk to Tasmania."

Also in developments around coronavirus, Tasmania is to put the foot down on the vaccination accelerator, with Premier Gutwein keeping a firm eye on a new beginning in Summer.

"This is a race, the rest of the country will be at 80% some time in late November, we want to be at 90% by the 1st of December so that as we look to open up, as we look to ensure that we can provide more access to travellers to Tasmania and we can bring more people home, that we are as vaccinated as we possibly can be."

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are now accessible for over 60s

In other news, bookings for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are now open for over 60s in Tasmania.