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Inspirational Ariarne visits old school

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Coming back to Launceston feels like visiting an old friend, according to Launceston-born Ariarne Titmus.

Having moved to Queensland with her family to further her swimming career, she says while Brisbane is her home - Launceston is her home town and it will always hold a special place in her heart.

So far on her trip, Ariarne has visited her old swimming pool and her old primary school - today visiting her old high school, St Patricks College.

Entering an all-school assembly to drums wasn't what she was expecting.

Ariarne addressed her old school as part of the Chase Your Dreams campaign by Bridgestone Australia.

"Walking in here, I wasn't expecting the whole entrance... it was a bit crazy walking in like that, but it was beautiful to see,"she said.

"Things like this really hit home at how much of an impact I've had on places like this, and Launceston and the country.

"I don't really think that I'm different, I think I'm still normal, but for the average person an Olympic champion - it is for me obviously, but it's just a whole other level so I feel very proud to have been a part of this community, it's good to be back.

ariarne titmus with students
Ariarne with students from St Patricks College

Ariarne's former swim coach Tony Cullen said he was fortunate to have seen her characteristics from a younger age.

"What we saw in Tokyo, I got to see at a young age,"he said.

Ït's an opportunity for everyone to know that you can make it from Tasmania, if you're prepared to put your work in.

Ïf she can portray that message to the kids out there, that a bit of self belief and hard work, you can make it.'"

Her talk and her experience inspiring for many - including school swimming captain Jade Nichols (pictured in photo), who had swum with Ariarne back in Launceston.

Ï haven't seen Ariarne for a very long time, I used to train with her at Launceston Aquatic at a very young age," she said.

"Knowing that she could do that I've known that that could always be a chance.

Ï'm still very inspired and hope that one day I could even make the open swimming team knowing that she could do it, I could do it.

Ariarne Titmus will be getting a key to the city at Launceston's Civic Square at midday on Friday - with the public invited to attend.