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Idea for Ashley to be adult prison

Ashley Youth Detention Centre in Deloraine converting into an adult prison for Tasmania's north is under government consideration.

Having decided too many years of toxicity have swirled around the centre, the Premier announced it will close as a youth facility within three years.

Linda Poulton from Westbury Region Against the Prison is buoyed a plan for a northern jail being built in their midst might be abandoned.

"We certainly welcome any decision to move this project off a nature reserve which is a preposterous site, it was always going to cost an absolute bucket and it was unacceptable on so many different levels...we really now are strongly urging the government to put the horse before the cart for a change and consult people in Deloraine about the potential for this to happen."

The Westbury project is budgeted at $270 million, so a shift to the Ashley option appears to offer inherent savings.