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Consultant slams cable car


The battle lines are being drawn in Hobart's cable car controversy, after a consultants report warned council to reject the contentious proposal.

The Mount Wellington Cableway Company's 1300-page planning application has been assessed by an expert panel, which also examined 16,500 submissions from the public.

ERA Planning and Environment's report has listed factors including the impact on noise, visuals and swift parrot habitat among 21 grounds for refusal. 

The cableway company's Chris Oldfield has told WIN they're not giving up ahead of next week's full council vote on the project.

"It's worth fighting for," he said. 

"We've always been a very strong supporter of the planning process, and this is part of the process; we'll review the documentation and look forward to getting a response to council on Tuesday." 

Vica Bayley from Residents Against the Cable Car says Council can't ignore the fact that most of the torrent of submissions were against the cable car. 

"This is a comprehensive rejection of the cable car and mass tourism for kunyani/Mt Wellington," he said. 

"It's difficult to see how any councillor could find a way of voting in favour of this development."