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Man abducted child due to "cannibalistic tendencies"


A court has heard disturbing evidence in relation to an abduction case in the state's North West.

The Supreme Court in Burnie heard 42-year-old Cecil Maurice Mabb abducted a young girl from the Montagu Campground in Smithton on January 24 this year because "he wanted to eat her".

He has previously pleaded guilty to child abduction and assault.

Mabb told staff at Risdon Prison he was a paedophile because that was better than “what he really was” and that he had cannibalistic tendencies.

The court heard he had a desire to eat people since he was a teenager, but that he hated those thoughts and wanted help.

Mabb snatched the girl when she was playing with another boy at the campground.

Less than an hour later she was found on a beach about 1km from the campground with strangulation marks and blunt force trauma, but survived the attack.

Mabb fled the scene and a 24 hour manhunt ensued, he was located in bushland the next day.