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No 2021 season for East Devonport

AFL Ball

The Devonport community is rallying behind East Devonport Football Club, after it announced its senior team wouldn't be competing in the NWFL for the 2021 season.

The club issued a statement on its Facebook page, saying it's profoundly disappointed by the decision.

"Representatives of our club met with NWFL counterparts last evening, and it was agreed given player numbers on the table that proceeding with sufficient confidence for ourselves, and just as importantly, avoiding potential disruption for the league once the season commenced, was an unrealistic proposition."

The club needed 55 senior players and reserves to keep its season hopes alive, but fell well short of its target.

East Devonport stressed the junior club would remain, stating "the club will double down on its focus to populate and bring these juniors through as Swans of the future as quickly as is possible."

President of the North Launceston Football Club, Thane Brady, says player shortages are posing a real problem for clubs around the state.

"I know there are a number of organisations trying to address that now, but yes, we definitely have a player shortage," he said.