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Dozens off the grid, kayakers safe

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Around 170 Derwent Valley locals blacked out in Monday's severe weather are being advised it'll likely be Tuesday afternoon before they're reconnected.

Tasnetworks customers in Lachlan accounted for most of the outages, New Norfolk and Westerway also affected.

About 50 homes and businesses at Kingston and Middleton lost power as well.

Two kayakers who got into trouble south of Hobart on Monday afternoon are safe and well after an extensive air and water search.

The pair set out despite the Bureau issuing multiple severe weather warnings and were reported in distress in 3-metre waters off Kingston Beach yesterday afternoon.

A search between the beach and Ralphs Bay found no sign of them, but eventually the men made it to shore on their own and informed police they were safe last night.

"The safe return of these men to shore is good news, but also a timely reminder that all water users in these conditions should be well prepared or should avoid heading out on the water unless it is absolutely necessary," said Inspector Craig Joel.