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Favourite fun run cancelled

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Tasmania's biggest fun run, the gruelling Point to Pinnacle, has fallen victim to the pandemic.

Organisers are ruing the event's first cancellation in 26 years, just three days before entries were due to open.

Director Tim Smith says the current 500-person gathering limit as well as social distancing rules would be impossible on the run up from Hobart's Wrest Point Casino and along Pinnacle Road.

"Currently we are faced with a mass gathering limit and social distancing rules, last year’s event gathered over 4,500 entries and the nature of our course makes social distancing extremely difficult,” he said.

He said even with a COVID-19 management plan, it would be extremely difficult to comply with in the event of adverse weather and the space restrictions on top of the mountain.

A completely Tasmanian event with local competitors was considered, but given the current restrictions and uncertainty, organisers chose not to go ahead.