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Coronavirus racist attack

Another case of racial abuse aimed at Asians involving coronavirus taunts has reared its head in Tasmania.

The latest is from Launceston where teenagers are claimed to have hurled coronavirus insults, a coat hanger and lollies at three young Vietnamese women outside a supermarket on Monday afternoon.

Waqas Durrani from the Multicultural Council of Tasmania is asking all levels of government to mount anti-racism campaigns to dispel myths.

"Such behaviours, even it's 1% (of the community) puts a risk to our national solidarity, I think that is something which in a crisis situation, especially in a pandemic, is something that is needed...our unity."

He also believes these sorts of episodes need to become a police matter.

"If it comes to a point where there's violence, there is physical intimidation and physical attacks as well, people who are facing this need to start reporting this and other community members need to ensure they are no longer bystanders and they intervene and make sure such behaviour is called out."