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Remote beach clean up crew

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A team of 21 volunteers have returned from Tasmania's remote beaches in the Wilderness World Heritage Area, collecting 66,752 pieces of rubbish.

Team Clean has been doing the voyage since 1999, aiming to tackle marine pollution.

Coordinator Matt Dell notes it wasn't as bad as previous years.

"These beaches get rubbish from Asia, South America, South Africa but it looks like we're making a dent...we picked up way fewer big items than in the last 20 years."

The group left Hobart on three commercial fishing boats on March 14 headed for Port Davey on the south-west coast. 

"It was very rough and over half the team succumbed to sea-sickness," Mr Dell said.   

Volunteers slept on the boats, given camping is difficult in the heavy winds which are prominent in that area.

On one particular day this trip they worked over 9 hours and did over 14 kilometres of walking. 

Team Clean is a 100% not-for-profit organisation.

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