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Details emerge from police shooting

colin riley

More details are surfacing from the fatal shooting of a man by police on Hobart's outskirts last night.

3 officers were responding to reports of a male threatening others with a knife and also a small fire at a rural property on Tea Tree Road in Brighton around 8pm.

It's understood the Sergeant and two Constables were immediately confronted by the 39-year-old, who used a car to ram the police vehicle twice, prompting two of the officers to fire "in excess of 10 shots" between them.

Two bullets hit the victim in the head and shoulder, and despite paramedics attending the scene, he was pronounced dead at scene. 

Bodycam footage will be examined as part of a full professional standards probe. 

Deputy Commissioner Scott Tilyard is standing by the actions at this stage.

"Any situation in which a vehicle is driven at someone is a dangerous situation and the officers have obviously responded to the threat as they percieved it at that time. So their actions will obviously be examined as part of the investigation as per normal protcol," he said. 

Police believe the small fire was lit from a mattress by the deceased, but was easily extinguished.  

The officers involved have been given a couple of days off work.

President of the Police Association of Tasmania Colin Riley says they'll be offered all the available support. 

"These are dynamic situations. A second can make a difference between a police officer being deceased and an offender being deceased. We're like every other occupation, we want to go home safely," he said.

"What's really pleasing is that when we attended the scene and spoke with the officers, Tasmania Police had all the support mechanisms in place. So they had all the critical stress-management people at the scene that were helping our members to deal with really, what is the start of a 2-3 year journey for them."

Image: Colin Riley from PAT speaks to the media on Tuesday (Rory O'Grady)