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Petrol pain that never ends

Tasmania's enduring quest for petrol prices correctly reflecting market conditions carries on, as the RACT again takes aim at inflated retail margins.

A bear market for crude oil and falling wholesale prices has done virtually nothing to the state's prices at the pump.  

As far as the RACT's Darren Moody is concerned, it means retailers are pocketing the benefit.

"We are seeing other regional capital cities, Canberra and Darwin, at prices around $1.40, or under $1.40 (per litre), we often compare to those regional centres, we are nowhere near them at the moment."

Shell Burnie Truckstop in Wivenhoe is showing unleaded at 137.9 cents a litre and Tasmanian Petroleum selling unleaded for under $1.38 per litre at outlets in Hobart's North (Shell Bridgewater), East Devonport and Westbury is underlining how much more expensive it is elsewhere.

(Quoted prices are from the Petrol Spy website, some of which are few days old)