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Glenorchy roadwork snags

There are plenty of local gripes about multiple roadworks across Glenorchy, including the busy Elwick Road, all being performed at the same time.

Traffic is frequently banking up, particularly at Barry and Eady Streets, on the drive in and out of the Glenorchy Central Shopping Centre, compounded by diversions on Main Road affecting Northgate.

While acknowledging there is a lot happening all at once, Mayor Kristie Johnston explains a window of opportunity had to be taken.

"With the weather and also with the low traffic volumes resulting from school holidays and people being away, it is the ideal time to get those roadworks done, causing the least inconvenience possible for our community, we recognise that it's been a bit difficult."

Meantime, Mayor Johnston is happy to report the implementation of FOGO (food organics garden organics) bins is on schedule for Glenorchy.

"People are receiving their 240 litre FOGO bin as well as their kitchen caddy and bin liners and we'll start the service on the 17th of February, getting great feedback from the community about the opportunity to use their FOGO bin, they are already putting things in there, exactly what we want to do, see all that organic waste not going into our landfill and going into general waste but actually going into the FOGO bin, being composted and then returned as really valuable soil back to our agricultural industries."