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Snakes want your water

More snakes are crossing paths with humans this warm season in Tasmania as they come out of the bush searching for water.

Reptile Rescue's Chris Daly expects last season's 9500 callouts will be easily topped.

Chris, who's been bitten by tiger snakes twice, is urging everyone be aware of treating a bite with a broad pressure bandage before seeking expert help.

"The last death in Tasmania from a tiger snake was the Brighton Show in 1978, I believe, which was a snake handler who got the bite on the neck, other than that, we probably have three, four or five bites a year, they are rare."

He's also suggests the venomous Copperhead is best avoided.

"We've been keeping records for about 114 years, there has never been a death from a copperhead on record, most copperhead bites are dry bites, they have got a pretty poor venom delivery system." 

Chris advises leaving water around the boundary of your property so snakes don't seek a drink closer to your home.

Photo courtesy of DPIPWE