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Fire at Hobart apartment building

Tasmania Fire Service truck

There's been a scare for residents of an apartment complex in Hobart's CBD who had an early morning fire evacuation.

Combustible materials being placed on a kitchen hotplate caused the blaze at the Salvation Army Common Ground social housing building on Campbell Street at around 4am.

Firefighters helped several people trapped in apartments amid toxic smoke, one was treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics while another was injured during the evacuation.

"When firefighters arrived, people were already starting to evacuate due to the fire alarm sounding, however many people were either trapped by smoke on upper levels or did not respond to the alarm sounding," TFS Senior Station Officer Matt Lowe said.

"Firefighters quickly located and removed several people from the building and brought them to safety".

It's believed platstic crates were sitting on or near the hotplates when the stove inadvertently turned on.

"People should never place anything combustible on top of hot plates or other cooking appliances, whether they are in use or not. As has what happened in this case, appliances can easily be accidentally turned on and fires can quickly start".

"It's also a great example of how a working smoke alarm has helped in averting further property damage, and more importantly, kept the residents safe by alerting them to the fire. All property owners should ensure they have a working smoke alarm installed in their properties". Mr. Lowe said.