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Economy strong, population needs work


The Hodgman Government's being urged to rethink its focus on budget surpluses - by none other than the state's main business lobby.

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has unveiled its Tasmania report, confirming the state has the nation's fastest-growing economy.

Prepared by Deloitte Access Economics partner Chris Richardson, confirmed Tasmania has the fastest growing economy in the country, but for the good times to continue, more needs to be done on the state's infrastructure, health and education.

"Tasmanians are the unhealthiest, oldest, worst educated, most under-employed and most dependent on government benefits in Australia," TCCI chair Susan Parr wrote in the report.

TCCI CEO Michael Bailey is urging a ramped-up infrastructure spend on assets including water, utilities, ports and tourist attractions, and is recommending the government borrow to do so while interest rates are at record lows.

"Future generations will use this infrastructure, it makes sense for them to help pay for it," he said.

"As Tasmania enjoys the best economic situation for fifteen years, we must also commit to a clear, strategic plan designed to achieve measurable outcomes in education and training, health and infrastructure," Ms Parr wrote.

The report found Tasmania's gross state product grew 3.6 per cent last financial year, almost double the national average.