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Drought consultation


Consultation on the federal government's new Future Drought Fund has come to Tasmania.

$100 million will be allocated every year to projects to protect at risk areas, such as the parched east coast.

The legislation passed through parliament in Canberra back in June.

The Committee is in Launceston on Monday and goes to Hobart on Tuesday, talking to people to develop the draft Drought Resilience Funding Plan, working out which projects and activities to fund to enhance drought resilience on farms and in communities

Chair Brent Finlay says they're keen for Tasmanians to have their say.

"We're seeking feedback on the draft plan. I know farmers don't like putting submissions in but this is really important. This is our opportunity to actually guide how this 100 million dollars a year will be spent," he said.  

“Improved resilience could come from new tools, technologies and techniques that help farmers better manage their natural resources. It could come from better financial and business planning for lower income periods. Or it could come from better, more localised weather data and improved climate forecasting,” Federal Minister for Drought David Littleproud said. 

Mr Finlay says today's meetings in Launceston went well.

"We've had great meetings here today talking about landscapes and changes in Tasmanian agriculture in the last 20 years with irrigation schemes coming online, but also how important it is to preserve, look after and promote our natural capital," he said. 

Submissions are being taken until December 13, before the Minister takes the plan back to parliament in Ferbruary. 

Money is due to to be flowing to projects by July next year.