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Veggo among prison complaints


The Tasmania Prison Service remains the state's most-complained about government department, according to the recently-released ombudsman's report.

One inmate complained about being denied vegetarian meals on medical grounds, regardless of whether his diet was actually due to medical reasons or on ethical grounds. 

"...we had dealt with, and resolved, a very similar complaint some years ago but it appears that Prison Services’ policy had regressed," said the Ombudsman's report. 

"Prison Services consequently reviewed its policy and agreed to allow vegetarian prisoners to change their diets without medical authorisation."

In another incident, a pregnant minimum-security prisoner complained her partner, an approved visitor with no criminal record, had been forbidden to attend her caesarean.

He was allowed at the birth after the Ombudsman intervened.

A 14-year-old girl also complained after she was held in the Hobart reception prison overnight because no Youth Justice worker was available for her bail hearing.

Community Youth Justice and police have updated their communication procedures after the bungle.