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New voice against cable car


The main group against a proposed cable car up Hobart's Mount Wellington/kunyani has a new spokesperson.

Former Wilderness Society campaign manager and independent candidate for the seat of Nelson Vica Bayley is taking the reigns from Ted Cutlan, who's been leading the charge at Residents Opposed to the Cable Car for 6 years.

Mr Bayley is paying tribute his predecessor.

"Ted has been a champion for the Mountain for decades having seen off a previous incarnation of the controversial cable car in 1993,” he said Mr Bayley.

“We’ve a lot to thank Ted for and while he’ll keep involved, we wish him well as he steps out of the spotlight to focus on personal projects.”

Meanwhile opponents of the proposed tourist attraction are sharpening their knifes in preparation for a new development application to be handed to council.

A new DA was due to be handed in at the end of the month, but there's been no news from the Mount Wellington Cableway Company.

Mr Bayley says nothing's happened since their last one in June.

“The MWCC committed that its corrected DA would be submitted by now so we’re standing by to respond. With the cable car project already clouded by corrupted process, misleading and missing information and deficient consultation, we’re hoping the DA isn’t submitted so as to force a Council consultation over the Christmas period," he said.

“This mountain is precious to so many people and that should not be sacrificed to commercial developments underpinned by mass-tourism and the privatisation of public land,” said Mr Cutlan.

“The community campaign to protect The Mountain is strong, defiant and focused and while we doubt there’s a cable car DA that can ever be approved, we’re ready to take it on.