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Wilkie presses the Federal Government on health

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Andrew Wilkie has pressed the Morrison Government about what he's dubbed Tasmania's health investment fraud.

In Question Time, the member for Clark referred to independent analysis which found since 2014 the Tasmanian Government's redirected 1.6 billion dollars of GST funding earmarked for health.

Health Minister Greg Hunt rejected the premise of the question.

"Tasmania's funding in health is not only up in actual dollars, but is up in proportion dollars. One of the largest increases in the country and one of the largest proportions in the country," Mr Hunt said.

Mr Wilkie says he isn't the only person to raise these issues. He insists respected health analyst Martyn Goddard has also expressed concerns over the health funding spend.

"This isn’t the State Government’s money to use as it pleases, it’s money meant for the Tasmanian people that comes specifically earmarked for health. For the State Government to continue to divert this money from health and then crow about a budget surplus, when we have people dying due to lack of care and waiting hours in ambulances, or in the emergency department, is unforgivable," Mr Wilkie said.

On a point of order raised by Mr Wilkie, he pressed the Minister a second time on exactly where the money had been spent, Mr Hunt replied with this:

"On investigation, the Tasmanian government spend on health as a proportion of its budget has increased to 25 percent to 32 percent. This makes it one of the highest levels of expenditure for a state budget across the Commonwealth," Mr Hunt said.