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Tas big chill

Liawenee, the small Tasmanian town named from the Aboriginal word for frigid, lived up to its reputation overnight by dipping to -9.8 degrees.

That is still slightly warmer than its record low of -12.1C recorded in July 2013.

Launceston also had near polar conditions overnight at around -4.6C at the airport, while Hobart only fell to 1.8C

Sky News weather's Tom Saunders is tipping a clear day for most of the state.

"Staying fairly cold though, just 11C the maximum temperature in Launceston, no rain across the state of Tasmania."

We can get used to a similar pattern for the nest few days, but some cloud cover will slightly reduce the severity of some of the overnight temperatures.

Tomorrow's forecast:

Launceston minimum -1C, maximum 13C, partly cloudy, morning fog.

Scottsdale minimum 1C, maximum 13C, partly cloudy.

Liawenee minimum -4C, maximum 6C, partly cloudy.

St Helens minimum 1C, maximum 14C, mostly sunny.

Hobart minimum 1C, maximum 13C, partly cloudy.

Huonville minimum -3C, maximum 13C, partly cloudy.

New Norfolk minimum -3C, maximum 11C, partly cloudy.

Devonport minimum 2C, maximum 13C, partly cloudy.

Burnie minimum 2C, maximum 13C, partly cloudy.

Queenstown minimum 3C, maximum 13C, partly cloudy.