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Indigenous appointment "groundbreaking"

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Ken Wyatt is Australia's first Aboriginal Indigenous Affairs Minister after the Prime Minister unveiled his new frontbench. Scott Morrison said Mr Wyatt is the perfect ambassador to represent the interests of Indigenous Australians.

Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania chair Michael Mansell said it is a groundbreaking move and could lead to change.

"This is a great development and one with huge potential."

However, Mr Mansell had some reservations.

"It remains to be seen whether Ken Wyatt's appointment will be purely symbolic in the sense of being free to initiate vital changes," Mr Mansell said.

He said that question would be answered if Mr Wyatt took action to develop a treaty, one of three key demands of the 2017 Uluru Statement.

"If Ken Wyatt can establish a treaty commission the question will clearly have been answered as no treaty commission, the first step towards a treaty, has ever been legislated at the federal level," he said.

"That could be developed by Christmas time."

Mr Mansell said Mr Wyatt wants to help his people and would likely achieve a lot with the backing of the Prime Minister.

"That is the test," he said.