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Bees give Hobart the hive-five


Hobart commuters and pedestrians are being treated to an incredible sight with bees swarming a sign in the CBD this afternoon.

The bees, spotted in Bathurst Street near the corner of Campbell Street, were taking up the majority of the roadwork sign, but a beekeeper removed many of them when our photo was taken.

Australian Honeybee Industry Council chairman Lindsay Bourke says it's a common occurrence but swarms like this usually happen out of sight.

"Very, very common but people don't see it very much. Every hive swarms and there are lots and lots of swarms in Hobart, they're in churches and commercial buildings and all sorts of places."

He says bees from the hive are out house-hunting looking for a new home.

"Once they find a suitable place, they'll come back and report to the swarm and they'll all go to the new place and make a new hive," he says.

Mr Bourke notes that because the bees are not defending a hive they are at their most docile. He doubts they will be there by the morning.

Photo: John Fabris