Devonport City Council responds to ratepayers petition

DEVONPORT City Council have responded to a petition presented by a group of ratepayers opposing the current plans around the Living City Project.

Deputy General Manager Matthew Atkins said it was important to focus on the overall project and its potential outcomes.

He said it was about developing Devonport into an ideal destination.

"...a destination where people know you can come to one place and see al the produce around the region, and they can get good accommodation, good food and then go off and visit the attractions," he said.

"..and increase their stay in the North West."

EARLIER: Devonport's Living City Project is expected to reinvigorate the North West region, however a number are challenging the plans.

Devonport City Council have been presented with a petition from the Advance Devonport Interest Group who claim the $250m project is not all it seems.

ADIG spokesperson Peter Stegmann said the group had issues with a number of elements in the project and 1500 ratepayers had signed the petition.