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Every weekday morning at 8:20 Jules and Glenn give you the chance to win big with Nail that Noise.

Jules and Glenn will play the noise and then give you the chance to guess what it is to win cash!

Check out the wrong answers below.

Nail that Noise thanks to Roberts Mobile Carpets and Window Furnishings
– a member of the Style Flooring & Interiors Group.

Nail That Noise is back tomorrow and worth $320 - here are the wrong guesses so far -

- a bowling ball going down an alley

- a tennis ball being hit by a tennis raquet

- hitting a nail with a hammer

- a meat cleaver chopping

- someone hitting a squash ball against the wall

- using a stapler to staple

- a nail gun

- someone knocking on a door

- a judge hitting a gavel

- slamming the bottom of your shoe onto a hard surface

- dropping a file or a clipboard onto a desk

- a nail gun (again...)

- using a meat cleaver to hit something like a piece of meat or something else

- a staple or nail gun (again)

- someone catching a baseball with a baseball glove

- popping the cork on a Champagne bottle

- dropping your phone

- popping a balloon

- someone punching a boxing bag

- shutting a sliding glass window

- slapping a ruler against the desk

- someone banging a clipboard onto the table

- a ping pong ball on a ping pong bat

- the boot of a car closing

- one of those silver stapler things that you use to staple flyers to boards

- a staple gun

- a judge hitting a gavel

- the rings of a binder folder being clipped back together

- a meat cleaver hitting a chopping board

- someone slamming a glass on a bench

- a dart hitting a dart board

- hitting  squash ball

- a clip on a clipboard


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