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Every weekday morning between 8am and 8.30am, Jules and Glenn give you the chance to win big with Nail that Noise.

Jules and Glenn will play the noise and then give you the chance to guess what it is to win cash!

Check out the wrong answers below.

Nail that Noise thanks to Roberts Mobile Carpets and Window Furnishings
– a member of the Style Flooring & Interiors Group.

Nail That Noise is back tomorrow morning and worth $600 - here are the wrong guesses so far -


- a stapler

- hitting a ruler down on the bench

- closing an esky

- a hole punch

- the space bar of the keyboard

- typing on a typewriter

- a stapler

- Jules closing the gate to keep her little dog inside

- one of those stamps that go down into the casing when they stamp the piece of paper

- a self-inking stamp

- pushing down on a hole punch

- pressing a button on a typewriter

- a stapler

- a microwave door being opened

- an electric stapler

- clicking a projector for a slide show

- flicking the top off a pen

- a self-inking stamp

- a nail gun

- closing a mini bin 

- opening a microwave 

- putting your keys down on your desk

- opening or closing the latches on a briefcase

- using a chopping machine

- closing the little coin box in the old ash tray box in the car

- closing a door

- a seatbelt clicking in

- closing down the sides of a clothes airer

- closing a flip-phone

- putting a key into a lock

- clicking or pressing the button on a camera

- closing a microwave door

- closing a laptop

- a nail gun

- putting a set of knives into an electric carving knife

- a magnetic push-to-open door

- a stapler 

- the Pop and Hop game

- locking or unlocking the car door

- pushing one of the buttons on a radio studio control panel







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