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Weekdays from 5pm, join Adam and catch up with what’s happening in the North East and across the East Coast.

Featuring news and information, entertainment, interviews and local events… Adam has you covered from the North East to East Coast and across the Fingal Valley.

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About Adam

Three things we don't know about you:adam davison feb2021

1. I have 5 brothers and sisters.

2. I play drums.

3. The assistant principal of my school threatened to sue me and my friends for posting comedy sketches about him on MySpace when I was 16.

Career highlight:
Charles Firth of The Chaser appearing on my community radio show three times.

Favourite Tasmanian event of the year:

Favourite band or music act of all time:
Pearl Jam

Which fashion accessory could you not live without?
My massive cap collection because I am low on follicles.

Who is the most interesting person you've interviewed and why?
Charles Firth of The Chaser. A very quick-witted boy willing to go along with anything as long as you shower him in compliments.

If we gave you $1000 what would you spend it on?
A new Yamaha drum kit.


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