Prakash's path to terrorism


* A Melbourne-born man of Fijian and Cambodian descent and was raised as a Buddhist

* Converted to Islam and attended the controversial al-Furqan Islamic Centre in Melbourne

* Left Australia in 2013 to join the Islamic State in Syria

* Went by the jihadi name Abu Khaled al-Cambodi and appeared in IS propaganda videos

* His Australian passport was cancelled in October 2014 and federal police issued a warrant for his arrest through Interpol in August 2015.

* Recruited would-be terrorists in Australia

* Linked to a failed Melbourne plot to behead a police officer on Anzac Day in 2015 and Numan Haider, the 18-year-old who was killed after stabbing two police officers in 2014.

* The US announced Prakash was killed in a drone strike in April 2016

* Captured by Turkish authorities trying to cross from Syria using false documents on October 24

* Currently in prison in Turkey on terror related charges

* Awaiting extradition to Australia

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